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Sessions with Bernadette

Core Synchronism
Core connects us to our highest purpose while releasing tight muscles and the situational tension that put it there.
It works through the muscular-skeletal system, nadi meridians and chakras equally.
The "Synchronism" aspect of Core brings the body mind system into alignment so that we are able to live fully energized, with clear purpose, free of physical discomfort and emotional baggage.

70 or 90 minutes

Distance sessions available

How does it work? Read more here:

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Core Synch
Color Therapy

May I be of service to those for whom I have solutions and together we are all uplifted Now

Chair or table massage available at Your location!

Do you have an event or want to show love and appreciation to friends or a particular group?

Employee appreciation days

Brides and wedding 

Bachlorette Parties

Baby or Bridal Showers




Who doesn't love a nice excavation of their shoulders or that calf muscle in constant spasm? How about the tension that echos into your hips or hands and forearms that you don't even know is there because you are so used to it? Wouldn't life be nice free of that?

60 minutes

90 minutes



A delicious and inclusive treatment from ancient Ayurveda. This ultimate rejuvination begins with deep oilination to the full body releasing  tension in the organs, fascia, and joints. Techniques include marma therapy, effleurage essential oils, guasha or hot stones and plently of medicated oil that suits the season and your body type.

75 minutes

Self Healing Lifestyle


Every consult is a conversation personalized to your healing journey. What do you need to know for your next level of health?

Ayurveda, herbal applications, Flower Essences,

vegetarian nutrition or transition to balancing and delicious healthy eating.



60 minutes

30 minutes (follow-up only)

Or as part of 90 minute session

Phone consults and coaching available

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